2024 National Citizen Review Panel Conference
Empowering Communities to Lead Change

May 20-22, 2024
Paraside Point Resort - San Diego

California’s Citizen Review Panels are pleased to host the 2024 National Citizen Review Panel Conference, welcoming colleagues from across the country and throughout California to join us in celebrating the power of children, youth, families and communities in leading changes to the Child Welfare system.

We look forward to welcoming to San Diego, representatives of a broad partnership that; includes Citizen Review Panel (CRP) members and facilitators, as well as federal, state, county and community leaders who are committed to the transformation of the Child Welfare system and allied programs through elevating their communities.
Silent Auction
The National Citizen Review Panel Advisory Board holds a silent auction at each conference to raise funds to help state CRP members attend the next national conference.  All proceeds from the auction support the Advisory Board Scholarship fund. Please see the tab above for more information.

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